Monday ...... - Sunday 2024.

7-Days 'Yoga Reiki Frequency Retreat' by Spirit & Sports. Feel more light, more energetic and more relaxed! 




1. Yoga

2. Meditation & Breathwork

3. Reiki & Frequencies

4. Enjoying the Italian Kitchen 

5. Nature and Innerpeace




> 6 nights of stay in highly luxurious and spacious apartments, shared comfortable rooms with beautiful bathrooms featuring showers and toilets.

> Daily delightful yoga and meditation sessions.

> Reiki and Frequency treatments available (upon request).

> Enjoy the Italian kitchen.

> An exceptional immersion in nature, the perfect place to enjoy and find innerpeace.


Extra: A unique welcome package: receive exquisite authentic products from the region. 




Alle levels welcome!

Instructions in English and/or Dutch. 

Also suitable for men or couples.



Day 1, Monday 

15.00 Check-in 

15.00 Welcome aperitivo

19.00 Welcome diner

21.30 Relaxing evening yoga session 


Day 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 

08.00 - 8.30  Pranayama Meditation (30 min)

08.30 - 9.00  Tea coffee break, fruit, cake 

09.00 - 10.00 Morning Yoga session (60 min)

10.30 - 12.00  Brunch

12.00 - 17.00  Relax and free time

15.00 - 15.30  Small bite

17.00 - 18.30  Relaxing yoga session (90 min)

19.30 - 21.00  Diner

22.30              Bedtime


Day 7 Sunday

7.30 - 8.15  Last morning Yogasession

8.30 - 9.30 Breakfast

10.00          Check out and goodbye! 


* At diner two alcoholic drinks are included (wine, beer). Tea, coffee, water and softdrinks unlimited.

* If you have special dietary preferences, it's a good idea to communicate them to the organizer when making a reservation. Special diet wishes like certain products in common, vegetarian, lactose and gluten- free are possible, other wishes on request.




Sandra had an active lifestyle when yoga came her way about 14 years ago. Yoga and meditation give her relaxation, more clarity and peace of mind – her body also felt so much lighter after a yoga class.


Graduated as a Lawyer, but not quite happy in this profession, she knew she wanted to help people, but she was still looking for that. She has had various jobs in law, communication, marketing & event management. Her interest in people and movement was present from an early age.


Her mission is to help people and children feel better through exercise, relaxation and nutrition: less pain, more energy and happier. Movement and breathing are important. A healthy body is a healthy mind. 


When Yoga came her way, she first practised Kundalini Yoga for a few years and then Poweryoga, Vinyasa and YinYoga. As of 2014, energetic therapy has taught her a lot, because she is very intuitive.


She teaches a lot in Amsterdam and surroundings as a Personal Trainer and (Children’s) Yoga teacher. Reiki came her way in 2018 and from then on it has gone fast. After Reiki Level 1 and 2, she became a Reiki Master in Nov. 2019. She now also provides Reiki treatments and Frequency Therapy.


Her symbol is the butterfly. The Butterfly represents the process of Transformation. The message of the butterfly is ‘dance through life with pleasure and cheerfulness, because life is there to be enjoyed’. The butterfly reminds us not to take life too seriously. They create a feeling of lightness and cheerfulness, because if you move, you are already dancing. The butterfly teaches us how to consciously change our lives, by creating new conditions and needs.


She loves her job and is happy to guide you on your own journey!


Namaste and Welcome to our story about beautiful Borgo Stanzano Relaise


Nico, Rosanna and Luciano Warmer are the proud owners of Relais Borgo Stanzano. Nico has been working in the past 40 years with Ernst & Young, he was a former Partner and Rosanna is working for Kyndryl as Culture Transformation Leader, but she is also beauty specialist and a life coach. Luciano is an amazing, friendly young kid that is growing up in Italy. Luciano identifies himself more as an Italian than Dutch. He loves AJAX the soccer team in the Netherlands.


In the beginning of the 20th century Nico and Rosanna have been looking for a place that they wanted to stay for the rest of their lives. They have been traveling from the North to the South of Italy and felt in love of the richness of history, architecture, culture, food, beauty, and nature. After making up their minds they decided to go for Italy, Emilia Romagna. Italy is the most visited country in the world.


Rosanna & Nico

In 2011 we found an 800 year old ruin close to a small idyllic town Ciano which is in the Modena region county Zocca (which is around 35 min from the Bologna airport and City Center). The place is breath taking away, beautiful, surrounded by hills, Calanca rocks, wineries and nature. You can hear the birds singing and in wintertime you can be paid a visit by deer’s hopping in the fields.

Borgo Stanzano is upon in the hills, 400 meters above sea-level, with a 3D amazing view, calmness, and serene place. It is as you are living in a panoramic painting that is changing, every day, discovering something new in the landscape; you never get bored. Watching the sunrise coming through the hills, while having our breakfast and having dinner with the Sunset, looking into the mirrors of the hills all this you can relive every day in the moment.


Everything what you need you can find nearby. In the town you can get local wines, cheeses, fresh eggs, chickens, truffles, roasted chestnuts, meat and vegetables and fruits. Pure and cultivated from the Emilia Romagna region. If you want to discover more about the area you can drive to visit other nice little towns, castles or beautiful nature. You can experience the city life of Bologna and Modena where you can visit several museums and do some fancy shopping.


Our dream was to have a place where people can come enjoy their time, organize their parties, weddings and enjoying the beauty, the calmness and nature and take with them a memorable stay for the rest of their lives.


In 2015 we started with to rebuild of the houses. We reused as much as possible all the materials that were used 800 years ago. For us was important to respect the environment and being as much sustainable. Which was not so easy to do in the hills, taking into account the Italian law, regulations and people who were involved in the project.


We have been facing a lot of issues, some of you will be thinking about the tv series “Ik vertrek” a Dutch real-life series where people are filmed in their day to day life and showing their progress and struggles in fulfilling their dreams to build a house in another country. In this case we were not but we could imagine what those people has gone through. Luckily, we had the blessing most of the important things could be done by reliable Italian friends, like an architect, a notary, and having an accountant. In the beginning we didn’t have a clue about how things are ruled in Italy. The construction company told us that the project will take us 2,5 years. We were building two independent houses, one was for our guests, 3 luxury spacious apartments with kitchen and 3 with a big living room and our own house with a restaurant space for 100 people to enjoy in and outside.


In the meantime, we got married and our beautiful and adorable son Luciano was born.

The project took 5 years longer than we expected with all the disruptions of the pandemic.

We could finally open our doors in 2021. Italy was hit the most with tourism from abroad. Because we didn’t had history of earning and were Dutch, we couldn’t get any subsidies from the government, we needed to keep cool.

We choose to do a lot by ourselves and promoted the place on our site and on All the guest that has been staying with us were happy surprised and satisfied about the hospitality and cleanness with a score of 9 to 10!


Now we are looking to reframe our future to bring more facilities as yoga retreats, outdoor SPA massages, hiking, cooking classes and anything that people want to experience in their live to be healthier and in balance with their inner peace.


We are excited to have you here and are looking to welcome you, to take away your memories with us!




Nico, Rosanna and Luciano Warmer



Yes, I join the 7 days retreat!



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30+ days before retreat start date: 100% deposit refund

15-29 days before retreat start date: 50% deposit refund

0-14 days before retreat start date: 0% deposit refund

* advice check your own travel and cancelation insurance.