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Sandra had an active lifestyle when yoga came on her path around 10 years ago.


Yoga and meditation gave her relaxation, more clarity and a quiet mind – also her body felt so much lighter after the yogaclass. Graduated as a lawyer, but not totally happy in this profession, she knew she wanted to help people – but still she was searching in which way. She also had different jobs at companies on the field of law, communication, sale, marketing and eventorganisation.


Her interest in people and movement were there already from an early age. Her mission is to help adults and children, through sports, yoga and exercise: to feel better: less pain, create more energy and more happiness. Movement and breathing is important, a healthy body is a healthy mind. When yoga came on her path she first practised Kundalini yoga for a couple of years and after that also Poweryoga, Vinyasa/Ashtanga and Yin Yoga.


Slowly she went teaching people yoga, meditation and mindfulness and that became more and more.


She teaches under the name of Spirit & Sports: helping people to create a good balance on different levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Her symbol is The Butterfly: the symbol for the process of transformation. The message of the butterfly is 'dance through life with joy and pleasure, because life is there to be enjoyed.' The Butterfly reminds us not to take life too seriously. They create a feeling of lightness and joy, because if you move, you already dance. The Butterfly teaches us how we can change our life consciously, to create new conditions and requirements.


Nowadays she teaches yoga and sports every day to children and adults in Amsterdam.


She loves to teach and take everybody on their journey! Namaste.