Have you been stressed lately? Is it too hard for you to handle stress at work, in relationships? Has stress and anxiety become an integral part of your life? Do you feel that the stress is gradually manifesting in your body and leading to physical ailments?


If your answer is “YES” to any of the questions then we have exactly the program you need!


You must have tried many ways to reduce your stress in the past. They might have also brought you temporary relief. We know, it must have been tiring for you to find the perfect solution for your stress reduction.


But with the 4 days SRP (Stress Reduction Program) you will get an ever lasting way of life method to handle the stressful situations, face them as a warrior and emerge as a victor!


In the Stress Reduction Program you will learn many practical techniques that will immediately uplift your mood (at any point of the day)


>>>You will learn mindfulyoga sequences to make a connection between body and mind. The physical aspect of yoga can help you to    reduce stress in your body, have more innerpeace, be more balanced. Mindfulyoga can make you aware of your body and help you to let go of physical tension.


>>>You will learn the art of meditation which will bring a positive change in you as a person and make you are better version of yourself.

          With daily practice of these techniques you will see that your perspective towards stress and stressful situations have changed drastically.


>>>You will learn the art of facing life as if it is without any bias and will be able to make meaningful decisions for yourself.


What you will get by attending the 4 days SRP (Stress Reduction Program)


ü  Real time experience of Mindfulness


ü  Practical MindfulYoga Exercises


ü  You will witness how your body and mind goes into a state of deep relaxation


ü  Guided Mindfulness Meditation audios                                  


Venue: Bernissestraat 12B, Amsterdam.

(Europe Headquarters of the MindfulHappiness Company)



Day     Date                                           Time

Day 1. Sat.  14th of March 2020           11-14 pm 

Day 2. Sun. 15th of March 2020           11-14 pm

Day 3. Sat.   21st of March 2020           11-14 pm

Day 4. Sun.  22nd of March 2020        11-14 pm







Dr. Deepak Mittal is a 1st generation entrepreneur, philanthropist and a visionary. He is the managing director of International Tractors Limited.


Rose from very humble beginning, he was a son of a government insurance officer. He has reached a pinnacle of success despite of all the limitations of money, resources, and being from a small city of Punjab, Hoshiarpur.


Having a big aspirations for global business, He started his career as a co-founder of the company from zero. Currently, the company has it’s global presence in more than 120 countries along with all the EU nation by the brand name Solis.


After achieving a great success in career, Dr. Mittal realised that success and contentment (inner happiness) are two different things. He believes that even after attaining great name, fame & luxuries, a person is not necessarily a happy person. Dr. Mittal measures success in terms of holistic happy and healthy living.


After this realization he started his search for internal happiness. He spent his time with great spiritual teachers of India to learn the meditation. He studied various spiritual books, spent time in nature and finally could reach a place where he felt that he is happy and successfull.


His mission is to share & spread this precious knowledge through Mindful Meditation Happiness. Dr. Mittal has faced many adversities in life. He is aware of the challenges one faces, may it be in personal life or at the professional front. He preaches what he practices in his own life. With daily practice of these practical techniques, meditations and reading he has integrated the art of happy living in his life.


All his workshops are based on his practical experience. He wishes that with his guidance, everyone becomes capable enough to handle their stress, face the challenges of life like a warrior and come out to be victorious and lead a good quality life!




Sandra had an active lifestyle when yoga came on her path around 10 years ago.


Yoga and meditation gave her relaxation, more clarity and a quiet mind – also her body felt so much lighter after the yogaclass. Graduated as a lawyer, but not totally happy in this profession, she knew she wanted to help people – but still she was searching in which way. She also had different jobs at companies on the field of law, communication, sale, marketing and eventorganisation.


Her interest in people and movement were there already from an early age. Her mission is to help adults and children, through sports, yoga and exercise: to feel better: less pain, create more energy and more happiness. Movement and breathing is important, a healthy body is a healthy mind. When yoga came on her path she first practised Kundalini yoga for a couple of years and after that also Poweryoga, Vinyasa/Ashtanga and Yin Yoga.


Slowly she went teaching people yoga, meditation and mindfulness and that became more and more.


She teaches under the name of Spirit & Sports: helping people to create a good balance on different levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Her symbol is The Butterfly: the symbol for the process of transformation. The message of the butterfly is 'dance through life with joy and pleasure, because life is there to be enjoyed.' The Butterfly reminds us not to take life too seriously. They create a feeling of lightness and joy, because if you move, you already dance. The Butterfly teaches us how we can change our life consciously, to create new conditions and requirements.


Nowadays she teaches yoga and sports every day to children and adults in Amsterdam.


She loves to teach and take everybody on their journey! Namaste.